August 18, 2015

Our Vision

We believe in ideas, creativity and innovation. We perceive work at Athera GI as a continuous learning journey. We question the way we work and learn, we try new ideas, we test them, and either we improve them and we develop new products and services or we reject them. Failure is not discouraging us, as we do believe that failure is a natural part of the learning process. We believe that combining geospatial data from social media applications with data from official sources, is the most efficient way for understanding urban areas and the environment. This is the research field where we have a competitive advantage, the field that we have advanced skills, and the field where most of our activities are focused. 

And what Athera GI is?
Athera GI is the interface, where our successful ideas are reaching our clients. We do care about the impact that our ideas and services have in the real world, outside the limits of our offices. The more positive the impact is, the more encouraged we are to continue innovating and creating…